Suite A is a Luxurious Furnished Spacious 1 Bedroom, 
First floor Yearly Rental Only (850 sq. ft.) Lodging Rental
 3  1/2 Short Blocks to Beach
Yearly Rental: luxuriously furnished, open and spacious 1 bedroom suite, with AC, full bathroom, walk in closet, antiques, maple wood floors, oriental rugs, washer/drier, and scores of amenities.

Furthermore, there is a 7 x 4 shed in back of house for uses by Renter(s) for storage of beach chairs, beach stuff, bicycles, and more.
Suite A’s Vacation Amenities

 Walking distance to train station to New York City
  Pet Friendly (restrictions may apply to pet(s)    
 Linen Supplied/Towels Vacation Rental (Not Yearly Rental)
 Some Child Proofing
 Central AC 
 Washer/Dryer (both apartment)
 Fully Equipped kitchen 
 Coffee Maker 
 Bagel Toaster    
 3 Closets, 1Walk in Closet
 Ceiling Fans in every room
 Floor Fans
 Track lighting with Dimmer Switches in every room
  Beach Toys
 Outside hose
 Flat Screen TV, FIO Cable, DVD
 FIO Wireless Internet Connection (WiFi)
 Cell Phone friendly
 Games/ books
 Large Front Porch with seven chairs, five rocking chairs and two tables
 4 x 7 Shed (Apt A) 
 Street parking 
 1  1/2 blocks to tennis, shuffleboard, playground, bocce ball, and lake
 1/2 block to park
 Child’s safety gates

                                                  Children’s Amenities (Vacation Rental Only)

 Toys  (Vacation Rental Only)
 Beach Toys (Vacation Rental Only)
 Board games/Books
 Safety Gates
 Some Child Proofing
 Fenced in Porch and Grill Area

Suite A’s (First floor)

Luxurious and Roomy Furnished

Living Area Pictures

Both Rental Suites are Furnished with AC and Cheerful, and Spacious 

Suite A: 1 Bedrooms, 1st Floor Apartment, Yearly Rental (850 sq. ft.) 
Suite B: 3 Bedrooms, 2nd/3rd Floor, Vacation/Winter Rental (1,400 sq. ft.)

Suite A’s  Summer,Winter, Monthly, and All Year Rental Lodging Prices:

Exclusive, Charming, and Spacious, 1 Bedrooms (850 sq. ft.) 1st Floor Suite 
(all year monthly rental at bottom of page)

Memorial Day Weekend -- Labor Day Weekend 

Suite A: All-Summer Lodging Rental for  $13,500.00
This is about 15 weeks, 102 nights, 
   Plus Utilities: (electric, gas, and 1/2 water)
Includes:  FiOS Cable, WiFi Internet Connection, and Lots More!

Note, All Summer Rental: By paying your own utilities it is more economical, 
(cost less for you) because you pay for what you use
Special June Rental Lodging Prices:

$175.00 per night, (7 nights minimum) 

Weekly Rental: Seven Nights  $1,225.00
Monthly Rental $     
Includes: Utilities,  FiOS Cable, WiFi Internet Connection, and Lots More!
July and August  Rental Lodging Prices (through Labor Day)

$195.00 per night, (7 nights minimum)
Weekly Rental:  7 nights $1,365.00 

Monthly Rental: $4,800.00/per month
Includes: Utilities, FiOS Cable, WiFi Internet, and Lots more!

               Winter Monthly Rental LodgingPrices: 
Winter Furnished  Monthly Rental: $1,250.00 /per month 
Plus Utilities: (electric, gas and 1/2 water)
  FiOS Cable, WiFi Internet (about $75.00 a month)
Washer and Drier cost per month (for maintenance and cost of personal washer and drier use): $

Please call for prices and amenities included


All Year Furnished Monthly Rental $1,350.00/ per month 

Plus Utilities: (electric, gas and 1/2 water)
  FiOS Cable, WiFi Internet (about $75.00 a month)
Washer and drier cost per month (for maintenance and cost of personal washer and drier use): $

Please call for prices and amenities included

      Pet Friendly, (restriction may apply to pet(s)
     No smoking any where on property
     Security required
  Until confirmed, rates and amenities included are subject to change without notice

   Pet Friendly, Ocean Grove NJ, New Jersey Shore Lodging Rentals

Two Suites, Thoughtfully Furnished Spacious with Central AC

Vacation, Summer, Winter, Monthly and Yearly


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Suite B, 3 Bedrooms
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Contact Information:
Cell: 732-610-0039
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Suite B, 3 bedrooms
Prices Furnished
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Suite A, 1 bedroom 
Prices Furnished
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